We all use a lot of water every day, and while some don’t drink much water, choosing instead to drink juice and soda, the healthier choice is definitely water… that is, as long as the water you are drinking is clean. There are many homes which are connected to a municipal water supply, and to find out the quality of your water, you can obtain that information. You will also receive a regular report from your municipality of any contaminants found in your water as well as the impact they could have on your health.

With well water it is a different story. You need to make sure to get your water tested on your own to be certain that it is safe for drinking. There are some over the counter tests that you can obtain, but these aren’t always the most accurate and reliable, and they might only cover a limited number of chemicals. A better option is to send in a sample to a laboratory and have them take a look at it. While it might cost you a little more, you also will know better what is in your water.

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