Smoke detectors are an essential part of fire safety in the home and have helped to save many lives.  But, how many smoke and CO2 detectors should a home have for optimal safety? And, what steps can you take to protect yourself from fire hazards?

As a general rule, when determining how many smoke detectors your home should have, you want to have at least one of every inhabited floor of the home, this should include the basement and garage.  As an added safety precaution, its also a good idea to have one in each occupied bedroom.

Smoke detectors will only save lives if they are functioning properly so regular maintenance is a must.  Every month go through the home and check that all smoke detectors are working and do not require batteries.  Another important reminder is to NEVER disconnect a smoke detector, even if it goes off whenever you are cooking as it is too easy to forget to reconnect it again.

Another fire safety step you can take is to make sure all members of your household are educated as to what they should do in the event of a fire.  You may find it beneficial to perform a periodic fire drill to see how well everyone does.  All members of the household should also be able to clearly hear and recognize the smoke alarms sound so that they can quickly react to it.

Following these simple suggestions will help keep you and your household safe in the event of a fire at home.

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