Home inspections are often associated with older properties and the problems they develop as time goes by but, what about new construction? Is it necessary to have a home inspection with a brand-new property or one that you are having built? Let’s see why this is a good idea:

One reason why involving your home inspector during the construction of your new home is so important is because mistakes are frequently made and, while they may be done unintentionally, this can lead to issues with the home after the work is completed. For example, pipes or electrical fittings, etc. may become damaged in some way and then covered over with drywall meaning that the problem could go unnoticed. If the home inspector looks through the home before the drywall and other finishes are installed, they will be able to find these issues before it is too late.

Involving your home inspector during the various phases of home construction will also help him/her get to know every detail of the home which will make inspecting it after that much easier. It is also much easier for a home inspector to detect and diagnose a problem in a home they are very familiar with than for someone who is inspecting the home for the first time.

So, as we can see from this short consideration involving your home inspector, both during and after the construction of your new home, will give you the confidence that you are moving into a safe and secure place, one that you can enjoy for years to come.

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